Dear Kipp,
Thank you so much for allowing me and my dad the chance for such an extraordinary experience, which was the final camp out for HATS. I can’t even begin to tell you what an affect it had on not only my relationship between me and my dad, but also between me and the Lord. When your body and mind are enduring something as physically and mentally straining as this backpacking trip was, one can no longer look to their own self; they need to swallow their pride and ask God for His guidance and reassurance. My dad and I are very similar in the fact that we are both very independent and wish to do things for ourselves, without showing our struggles all the while. This trip taught both of us the skill of learning to look to other people and our new friends for the help and direction which we would both end up needing. Also, he and I conquered our own individual fears and obstacles. His, for example, being climbing the pamper pole and completing the ropes course. Mine, being descending from the very top of Mt. Anne, because I’m very afraid of slipping on loose rocks! But we both grew to trust each other and our friends, which I believe will leave a lasting impression on both our lives. Thank you so much once again for offering this experience; it’s definitely one that neither of us will ever forget. Send Megan and Gwen our love.
Lizzie Sparks