A Letter from Daughter to her Dad By: Lindsay

A Letter from Daughter to her Dad By: Lindsay


Dear Daddy,

You know on the HATS campout two weeks ago Mr. Murray had us ask questions?  Well one of them was “What do you admire the most about your dad?”  I never answered that one.  I feel really bad about it because you probably think it’s because I couldn’t think of anything good about you.  It wasn’t!  It was because I was crying and I couldn’t answer.  Well, I decided to answer it now.

What I Admire Most About My Daddy

I admire that you are always there to help me.  If I’m mad at the entire world I’m never mad at you because you’re on my side.  If I need advice you give it to me in the correct way.  And, if I have a problem you help me figure it out in the best way.  Your advice is always what I would want to hear.  Some people give me help in a way I don’t want, but you are always right on track.  You pick me up when I’m down, you help me when I need it and you are my map when I’m lost.  But best of all… you love me.

I love you so much too,



(Found on Dad’s suitcase as he was leaving for a trip at 5 am, two weeks after 5th grade campout)

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