Why Should I Join?

Who should participate?

HATS® is for Dads and Daughters/Dads and Sons, in the 4th – 9th grades, who want to:

  • Learn to communicate with each other.
  • Develop outdoor skills involving hiking, ropes courses, canoeing, rock-climbing, kayaking, backpacking, orienteering, gun safety and photography.
  • Learn lifelong skills in safety and first aid in dealing with outdoor activities.
  • Meet other dads and daughters/sons with similar interests and goals.
  • Learn how to form a relationship with each other that is based on working together.
  • Learn to let your daughter/son lead.
  • Learn lessons about responsibility and reliance.
  • Learn lessons about being accountable for your actions.

The mission of HATS® is to use all of these outdoor activities to put dads and daughters/dads and sons into situations where they must talk to one another… learn to communicate… trust and respect each other… and work together as a team. These are skills they will use for the rest of their lives!

What can Dad and Son teams expect to get out of joining HATS®?

  • A better, stronger, more meaningful and spiritual relationship with your Daughter/Son or Dad.
  • The opportunity for Dad and Daughter/Dad and Son teams to spend some time alone to discuss topics that might not come up in everyday conversation.
  • Sons can interact with other like-minded Dads who set a good example for how men should be treated.
  • Sons will make new friends and strengthen their connection with old friends.
  • Create a lifetime of priceless memories.
  • Learn many life lessons in a situation where you can talk about them.
  • Learn to embrace your inner wildman.

What are the requirements for joining HATS®?

  • A Son that is in the 4th – 9th grade.
  • A Dad and Son team that is interested in spending quality time together.
  • No prior knowledge of camping or outdoor life is required.

What are the financial requirements?

  • Annual dues are $125 per Dad and Daughter/Dad and Son team (dues reductions for multiple daughters/sons).
  • The investment in your daughter/son is about $195 per campout.

Why and When should a Dad choose to join HATS®?

If not you, who?

  1. Who should be the #1 man in your young daughter/son’s life?
  2. Who is better suited than you to be instilling a moral compass in your daughter/son’s life?
  3. Who is better than you to set an example for how a Dad should treat and respect a daughter/son that he loves?

If not now, when?

  1. If the timing is not good right now, when will the time be right?
  2. When will you have more free time to spend with your daughter/son than you do right now?
  3. When will she/he mean more to you than she/he does right now?

How to Join

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