Do I have to be an experienced outdoor adventurer?

No!  HATS is about a father and child spending time together and having fun, regardless of experience level.  The vast majority of father/child teams find the activities reasonably challenging yet still within their capabilities.  Experienced leaders will have you well-prepared for each adventure.

What’s the typical campout schedule?

Each adventure is unique, but most follow a similar schedule.

  • Friday night – setup camp, get to know other teams, and prepare for activities
  • Saturday morning & afternoon – feature activities
  • Saturday night – relax, cookout, HATS CHAT, campfire, stories & skits
  • Sunday morning – father/child activities and breakout discussion times.

What do I need to bring on a campout?

A campout packet includes a schedule, directions and suggested packing list.  Directors will review necessary gear at a packet pick-up meeting and answer any questions.

Most campouts accommodate “car camping” so that you can unload gear at/near your campsite before parking your vehicle remotely.  This enables you to camp comfortably yet still appreciate the outdoors.  Basics include tent, sleeping bag and/or cot,  Cook gear is optional but welcome for the outdoor chef.  Often a Saturday night group cooking fire gives everyone the opportunity to throw something on the grill. If you’re not an experienced camper, keep it simple and start by borrowing gear from a friend or ask about borrowing from an experienced HATS team so that you can try before your buy.

Check out REI’s Expert Advice for helpful information when packing or shopping for gear.

What’s the Cost for HATS?

Most campout are $280 with the exception of Kayaking.

Annual Membership Dues
Paid 1 time a year, usually in August
Dad/1 Child – $150, Dad/2 Children – $225, Dad/3 Children – $226

9th Grade Summer Colorado Trek – $2700

Discounts are available for multiple siblings.

Where are campouts located?

Campouts are roughly 1-2 hours drives from the DFW Metroplex.  HATS utilizes primitive campsites at a variety of destinations including state parks, private ranches and other scenic locations.

Are there bathrooms?

Restroom facilities vary depending on the location of the campout and the activity. Learning how to address physical needs is part of the camping experience.

Who leads the campouts?

Each campout is lead by an experienced camp director and several father/child mentor teams.  HATS leadership training program includes an adult Director’s Academy, father/child Leadership Academy, and Wilderness First Aid.

Can my child bring a friend?

Word-of-mouth is HATS greatest recruiting opportunity.  Encourage a friend and their father to join.  HATS is a unique opportunity to be shared, exclusively, by teams of father/step-father and children.

Looks like a chance of rain.  Will the campout be cancelled?

Campouts are not cancelled for weather.  Each destination has a contingency plan for severe weather.

Who provides meals?

Each father/child team provides their own meals.  Some choose simple, easy to prepare meals, while other teams practice some very creative outdoor cooking!  Saturday night often includes a group campfire grill, giving anyone the opportunity to bring food to grill over a fire.  Regardless, meal preparation, eating, and cleaning have to be completed within the scheduled time.

Any other restrictions?

No alcohol or tobacco.

Enjoy unplugging – no cellphone or electronics are used during campout.  Mentor photographers are designated on each campout to take pictures.  Reasonable exceptions can be discussed with camp director.

What if I can’t make a campout?

Cancellations must be made 14 days prior to event (campout) for full refund; 7 days prior to event for 50% refund; Monday prior to event, NO refund, but payments may be forwarded to another event up to 1 day prior to event. No refunds or transfer on the Friday of a campout. HATS does not cancel campouts for weather and we do not do refunds or transfers for weather cancellations. No Call, no show, no refund or forwarding of payment.