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Can We do it Again? by Sara

Can We do it Again?

“It’s freaky,” are the only words that would come out of my rosy red lips. It was the weekend and my dad and I had gone on a HATS retreat. He was at the bottom of the 125 ft. wall belaying me. As I climbed... Read More

Colorado Trek by Lizzie

Colorado Trek

Dear Kipp, Thank you so much for allowing me and my dad the chance for such an extraordinary experience, which was the final camp out for HATS. I can't even begin to tell you what an affect it had on not only my relationship between... Read More

Letter from Daughter by Lindsay

Letter from Daughter

Dear Daddy, You know on the HATS campout two weeks ago Mr. Murray had us ask questions? Well one of them was “What do you admire the most about your dad?” I never answered that one. I feel really bad about it because you probably... Read More

A Personal Experience by Kipp Murray

A Personal Experience

The first time I really got to know my daughter: It was the fall of her seventh grade year. We were on our first Dad and Daughter High Adventure Treks’ overnight canoe trip. Fifty-two dads and daughters had packed an unbelievable amount of gear into... Read More

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Kipp’s Quarter – Vol.1

KIPP’S QUARTER Years ago there used to be a machine on a wall.  You would put a dime in the machine, lift the handle and speak…

Operation Everest By: Lily Ringrose – 5th Grade

Operation Everest By: Lily Ringrose – 5th Grade The last temperature to register on my Dad’s phone was 18 degrees.  Since then we had cautiously…

God Made a HATS Girl By: John Biedebach

God Made a HATS Girl By: John Biedebach No related posts.

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